Sonic Syndicate - Eden Fire review


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Band: Sonic Syndicate
Album: Eden Fire
Release date: 2005

[Helix Reign - Chronicles Of A Broken Covenant]
01. Jailbreak
02. Enhance My Nightmare
03. History Repeats Itself

[Extinction - A Sinwar Quadrilogy]
04. Zion Must Fall
05. Misanthropic Coil
06. Lament Of Innocence
07. Prelude To Extinction

[Black Lotus - The Shadow Flora]
08. Soulstone Splinter
09. Crowned In Despair
10. Where The Black Lotus Grows

Fallen Angels Revisited

Time to revisit old friend here in Metal Storm, maybe you don't recognize the name Sonic Syndicate, but if you've been around you maybe know Fallen Angels, Swedish Melodeath band that released three demos before changing their names to Sonic Syndicate.

After 3 Demos the band finally got the long-awaited record contract with Pivotal Rockordings, the result is this, "Eden Fire" an album that compiles their 2 latest demos and brings some new songs to the cauldron.

If you already heard the demos, like me, there's nothing new in stores I'm afraid, since the album only consists of three new songs and their older songs from their latest Demos "Black Lotus" and "Extinction", which are very well executed. The cover art is quite good I must add also.

Is there's a difference between Fallen Angels and Sonic Syndicate? Yes, there is, the three new songs in the album shows a more mature band, but also a band that has more modern influences than before, the clean vocals now are accompanied by catchy passages, very reminiscent of the Nu / Emo North American scene, as a matter of fact I see the band fitting well on that market, specially with the song "Jailbreak".

The same goes for the other 2 songs, they go in the same vein but with other addition such as female vocals, and catchy, "commercial" sections.
Things change a little when we arrive at the Demo section of the album, both Extinction and Black Lotus are prime examples of good Melodic Death Metal played by a quite young band (members ages go from 17 to 22 years).

This album was a preview of what's coming for sonic Syndicate, Melodic Death Metal with modern influences, maybe this band will be the one that takes Melodeath to wider audiences, who knows, but one thing I know is that Fallen Angels are dead, make room for Sonic Syndicate.

Written by Undercraft | 20.02.2006



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07.10.2006 - 23:22
Der Meister
Account deleted
Despite the commercial sound of it, Jailbreak was actually the one and only interesting song on this album. The rest is quite boring...
23.03.2007 - 14:31
Account deleted
Disagree, plenty of good tracks like Soulstone splinter, Enhance my nightmare, History repeat itself, Prelude to extinction and ofc Jailbreak.
13.09.2007 - 19:55
Melodeath Master
I just love this album, and as well as their new album Only Inhuman. A great new band on the rise \m/
22.09.2007 - 14:43
Advice Troll
Sounds interesting. Their newest is much more interesting though.
Bitch! Please
29.01.2013 - 13:16
Back when this band was good...
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